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A Visual Storyteller in Thailand and Asia.

Hi Everyone! Thank you for stopping by my official website.

Who I am : I’m Narz, a professional photographer based in Thailand. Here is something to describe myself and what I’m doing today. I hope this way helps you to get to know me better. And while you are reading here. I might be near you at your destination!

Traveling is a part of my life. I have been a wedding photographer for a while. I enjoy to telling story from what I have seen through the camera. Actually I like all about live events, people, love, weddings , food, street , lifestyle, travel, places etc. It’s all what I still happy to do it as my profession today. And I  hope you enjoy my works too.

It would be nice if we can finally meet in person. I wish I can be your photographer for any occasions you have planned. And please stay in touch with me on IG ( link ) or FB ( link ) so I will keep you post for the possibility to get you in the frame!

What I do : Narz Studio is a visual production provide creative photo & film available in Thailand and across Asia. Under the umbrella of Martian Co.,Ltd. ( )

It’d been a few years that I’ve been focusing on the destination wedding photography. And I’m happily to call myself a Destination Wedding Photographer! I’m origin from Bangkok and graduated in Advertising, english speaking, funny and kind of flexible person as a photographer could be. I start my carrier in an Advertising Agency in Bangkok. Then move to Koh Samui for website design / digital works for some clients. I also worked with a bilingual broadcasting company here. And I have been working in Thai Film Industry. That was the big inspiration to me in bring up my style unique and artistic to documentary your wedding. I commits myself to seek a timeless storytelling into Motion & Still. After been traveling for couple to couple across Thailand and Southeast Asia, such Vietnam, Singapore, Bali and more. I’m available for all destination weddings wherever you wanted I to be.

As an islander, I’m a pioneer of wedding photographer and filmmaker on Koh Samui island. I’m a person with trustworthy qualities for my clients and a trusted partner to work with. In 2008, I and my wife Tika, We have been built an international wedding filmmaker in Thailand ( ) one of the best Wedding Films appointed by TAT ( Tourism Authority of Thailand ) for many campaign of destination weddings and romances. This still the root of the branch in our currier and we expand more and more products for helping the business on the island and other places too.

My simple Goal : I have one simply goal for working as a destination wedding photographer and cinematographer around the world. I just wanted to express my passion, creativity and my best skill devoted to all of you. Telling your love story from my angle. It seems right that I will have to be there around you and capture your best moment. But I wanted more!! I wanted to give you an art piece to remember what was happened when the time over. I hope what I have done will bring you back smile or happy tears when you see it again. Hope this will pass to generation to generation as I wishes. 

Style of my works : As a Visual storyteller, sorry if I don’t talk much while I work, smile is fine for me! Smile is just right on a happy environment. My style is quite unique, simple, but creative. Creative Photographic can be a word for my style! I try not to direct you but I will talk to you a bit before doing things. And I like to move around, seeking the best moment while you being yourselves. My style is telling what you are so being yourself is the Key of my works. And mostly I will focused on the couple first, happy moments, family, friends and the happening of the day. But the most fun part that I enjoyed and it helps me to create an art piece for every couple is The Bridal Session , couple shots after the wedding. I love to document you both naturally from what I have seen through my camera with a unique designed from my imagination. I like to work with the light and shadow. This is really put the artistic style up front on your love story. And this is just the way I enjoy it very much and I do hope you will love it too. 

Behind the scene : Tika is a partner of my life. Here in under the roof of Narz Studio, she is the one who plan and help me for everything. Start from the bookings she will assist you for every possibilities to get me on your special day shooting, paper, payment, schedule or designing your album. And in some weddings she even help me as my assistant. I hope you will enjoy talking to her and let she helps you for your booking. 

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